Sunday, 30 September 2012


Do the Indian students have the required traits in expected measures to pursue entrepreneurship as an alternative to their career? Is there any difference in the traits possessed by the students in comparison with the international averages? A Study of students of Manipal University, Karnataka, India was conducted using the General Entrepreneurial Tendency Test GETT) developed at Durham University by John and Caird to identify the entrepreneurial traits of the students. The purpose of the study is to explore the entrepreneurial traits of Indian University students and compare it with international averages. The study is also made to explore if there are any variation of traits amongst the gender, background or streams which the students are studying in.This paper helps in understanding whether the Indian students possess required traits which are necessary to enable them to consider Entrepreneurship as an option for their future goals. Secondly ithelps to understand if the scores of the Indian students are deviating from the average scores in order to draw conclusions based on the same.Thefindings revealed that the scores for all the traits were below average. However, it also revealed that the female students are scoring higher in many of the traits as compared to male students. Future research using a wider sample isnecessary to understand the entrepreneurial traits amongst various groups in order to develop different approaches to teaching entrepreneurship as well as capacity building of entrepreneurial students.


Associate Professor 
Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration 
Manipal University

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