About VOR

Change is a natural phenomenon. Twenty first century, a huge bulk of challenges and changes is absolutely a marathon race spreading the message of change. This change necessitates research to determine the amount of change and its consequences in the society, its acknowledgement to the society and thus the proportion of research has increased. These innovative researches, supported by proofs, serve as a guide and direct the individual and the society to proper logical discourses. Voice of Research is a bilingual (English and Hindi) research journal of social science, humanities and technology published quarterly. With the aim to disclose research abilities, to promote quality and excellence in the society and add to the researcher’s academic growth and development, Voice of Research provides a platform to communicate and share the innovative research ideas. The strong and diversified support of the visionary executive committee and editorial committee along with the envisaged researchers is the strength of the journal that satisfies the objectives of Voice of Research. Voice of Research with the reputed authors from reputed universities, institutions and colleges, the subscribers and the readers assures for the quality and novelty all the time.

Voice of Research, a unique, international journal in social science, humanities and technology is committed to the Empowerment of Society and Individual. Voice of Research shall strive to promote sustainable development of the society, to play a leadership role in spreading intellectual capital in research relevant to the society, to enhance the creation of potential researchers, to direct the way towards inclusive globalization and inter-connectedness, to guide the society to invent and reinvent education, and to be the currents of learning, development and advancement.

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