Sunday, 30 September 2012


Distance education is an empowering vehicle and provides access to higher education to a large segment of society. The need for distance education is felt due to the information explosion, population explosion and its in-built characteristic of cost effectiveness. Distance learning system is a boon for the learners who are self-motivated; belong to the marginalized or unprivileged groups and residents of remote places, physically impaired people, drop outs but willing to continue their study. It offers flexibility, autonomy to learners, and application of modern technology, cultivates the habit of independent learning in the absence of peer learning group and caters to the needs of heterogeneous group of learners. Thus, it could be concluded that this century is full of competition and there is lots of demand for interdisciplinary skills. Distance Education is boon to this era as it helps in continuous skills up gradation using latest technology.

Shailendra Gupta 
Principal, Calorx Institute of Education, Ahmedabad 

Avani Trivedi 
Asst. Regional Director, IGNOU, Ahmedabad

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