Sunday, 30 September 2012


In the recent years, there is an increasing number of suicides amongst the students, reflects the state of emotional imbalance. Which demands some concrete, effective, feasible proactive programmes to address the issues of the socio-emotional and health problems of the students appropriate to evolve more effective and student friendly educational system? This study was carried out on 311 engineering students to find out how they rate themselves on some cognitive parameters, state of anxiety, depression and general health problems, getting reflected in the form of psychosomatic symptoms and the whole effort has been made to explore cognitive, emotional and health profile of the student as they perceive on seven points scale with purpose of understanding of students on these cognitive competence, affective strength and physical health, which cause serious challenge to the educational institutions. The findings are alarming! A large percent of students are having severe anxiety, higher depression, problems in cognitive and health parameters. The results suggest that, the crisis among the engineering students is deeply rooted in to family, past educational system; many unresolved conflicts at 10+2 level travel to the new campus due to several social, educational and age specific factors. Findings strongly suggest for initiating effective programmes of counselling and guidance services for students, surveillance of those having poor family and peer groups support.

M.S. Nagananda 
Research Scholar,
Center for Bio-Medical Engineering, 
Indian Institute of Technology (IITD) & AIIMS, New Delhi.

Head, Department of Social Sciences,
National Institute of Health and Family Welfare (NIHFW), New Delhi.

Amit Sengupta
Adjunct Professor, Bio-medical Engineering,
Centre for Biomedical Engineering (CBME), IITD & AIIMS, New Delhi.

S.M.K. Rahman
Senior Design Engineer,
Center for Bio-Medical Engineering, IITD & AIIMS, New Delhi.

J. Santhosh
Computer Services Centre IITD, New Delhi.

S. Anand
Center for Bio-Medical Engineering, IITD & AIIMS, New Delhi.

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