Sunday, 30 September 2012


The science of research is pentahedral. I define the science of research as, “study of research behavior of researchers’’ in relation to the wants and needs of the society, but under the frame work of the broadest perspective beyond the wants of an individual, total individual, and universal social organization”. The definition may be explained as: individual has wants (economics), he behaves as a unit (psychology), he behaves as an integral part of the whole, the social organization (sociology), and finally, with universal perspective (philosophy). The science of research has five foundations viz sociological, philosophical, psychological, economical, and educational. Among the five, each one has got its own significance in visualizing and developing the science of research. Research is from the society, by the society, and for the society. Philosophy directs the research, the psychology is the real process of research, and economics economizes the research resources, efforts, process and products. The educational foundations serves two functions viz. (a) sustenance of research trends, and content for generations together and (b) facilitate enhancement of the research methods and content to keep up-to-date in flow of time. Hence forth, the second cycle starts – education to sociology, philosophy, psychology, economics to the third cycle and so on.

Professor Subbarayan Peri, Ph.D., D. Litt. 
Professor of Education Director Internal Quality Assurance Cell 
R. S. University Tirupati - 517 064, India.

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