Sunday 16 May 2021


Jaago Bharat Jaago

With this pandemic, whereas most countries because of their due diligence had been able either to get rid of it or have the control on the pandemic and thus indicated their care for their people by saving millions life, there are the countries suffering badly. The problem is so severe that the one who were standing with us yesterday, are heard to be no more today. With the missing good morning messages when out of curiosity we give a call, its pity to have the message, he is no more. Today, India is no less in this suffering which provokes the people to question if the country is suffering because of this virus? Is the corona virus only the root cause of the existing problems? If not, what is the cause?

We are well aware and there is no suspicion that flood, famine, earthquakes, epidemics etc. are the calamities beyond our control. We can’t stop them but at least we can prepare ourself better to face its consequences. Life and death are also not in our control. During the life time there are several instances whereby life and death play with each other. Sometimes life swallow death and in a final instance death swallow life. It is the eternal truth that the one who is born is sure to die. The harsh fact of death is also not a problem but what hurts is the cause of death. No doubt the people suffered of corona but it was unfortunate that the people died more because of lack of beds, oxygen, and ventilators. What more whereas there was crisis of oxygen for most, the same turned to be fatal for the people where there was suffice supply. As if these were less, the fire incidents in hospitals took lives of many. Again, when there is crisis of these oxygen and ventilators, it is observed that number of such equipment remain unnoticed in the store room. Whereas we are shattered merely listening to the incidents, its difficult to express these harsh fatal incidents in words. And what for? Was it corona that killed these people?

Some people may call it mismanagement but then if we see deep inside this so-called mismanagement is in fact a strategic micro-management. As comprehended from the people, this mismanagement is a sequence of events that leads to forging, duplicating, cheating, black marketing, corruption, profiteering and ultimately causes terror amongst the people. Infact it is very planned, organized, and coordinated with appropriate and timely decisions, leadership and motivation. It remains to check if it is possible without the support of the system and governance. In short what people term mismanagement is actually management!

No doubt the people suffered of corona. It was only the management which was managed by the inhuman managers and many people lost their lives. Some lost their husband, some lost their father, some lost their brother and some of them lost their mother. There was no relation that remained unsuffered of this management! Amidst these shattering events when the crisis was at peak these great managers were observed struggling for image building; to prove their might or to add to their strength. Then again, the question arises why there was such management! What is the root cause of this management!

Whereas the poor medical infrastructure, lack of preparedness for the crisis are the vivid reasons of this management! - the loyalty, insensitivity, self-obsession, and the opportunistic attitude of the society is as well the cause of this management! When I say loyalty, it seems strange but it’s a matter of fact that it is a severe problem that deprives the loyals of their ability to think normally and neutrally in the benefit of the society. Whereas the loyalty should remain for and towards human and humanity, today the loyalty is for a particular person, party or institution. This loyalty in its extreme form maybe termed as patriotism by the loyalty owners which could be well received and accepted by the loyals. This present time loyalty in its narrow form is strong enough to snatch the analytical ability and turn the loyals mentally, morally and emotionally blind. Needless to say, this loyalty turns the loyals blind physically too although with eyes. Any country whereby people are confined to this loyalty is likely to suffer because in this case the loyalty promotes the thought towards and for the loyalty owners focussing on their personal gains.

With this loyalty starts the insensitivity. As if the events of pandemic were less for inculcating and promoting insensitivity, (its unfortunate that this said pandemic didn’t permit to join or conduct the cremation or to give our shoulders to the dearer and nearer ones when they needed the care and support the most ) this blind loyalty with its ability to empower the loyal to neglect and forego all or any events not promoted by the loyalty Idol nourished, advanced, promoted and transmitted higher insensitivity towards any pain and sorrow of the human and the society.

The worst case of insensitivity was seen in the opportunistic behaviour of the members of society ruled with the idea of profits that led to profiteering, corruption, black marketing etc. at the cost of so many lives. Not restricting to it, the increased number of deaths, the isolation, the pain and sorrow around also turned human insensitive because this situation turned such events very common. Whereas the management of the system is vivid for this insensitivity, the role of education and the teachers remained no less. While teaching entrepreneurship, they simple focus on opportunity sensing and fail to discuss ethics with same enthusiasm. It is this unethical education that allows the society to consider the flood, famine, earthquake and even this pandemic as an opportunity to earmark their history of profits. Since, education hardly focused on the idea that such events are an opportunity not for profit making but for social service, it is thus the society missed to see this pandemic as an opportunity of social service. The same was observed during the earthquake in Gujarat and flood in Uttarakhand but unfortunately no lesson was learnt. This opportunistic behaviour is ruled by the self-obsession of the individual. The self-obsession of these profit minded people took this pandemic as an opportunity which added to black marketing and crisis, to flourish the profiteering and thus increase the terror amongst the members of society. The crisis of remdesivir, fabi flu, masks, sanitisers and vaccines, ambulance, beds, conducting cremation etc. although pathetic was a perfect management of the self-obsessed people. As if these were less, the long queue for cremation, token for beds, huge medical bills indicated the direction of the said society where profiteering at any cost was observed as a trend. Not restricting this trend to the medical facilities, it was extended to every field and profiteering turned a general phenomenon.

I am afraid, the situations whereby the son failed to arrange for medicine, oxygen, bed or a ventilator; whereby the family failed to do the cremation; whereby the family had to float the body into the river; whereby the family failed to have the shoulders to cry; whereby the family spent everything but couldn’t get the appropriate results will certainly rethink on the idea of the existence of the society. For those who are sensible, it is very likely that they may continue be a part of the society but their societal participation may remain purely superficial whereas for those who lost their sensitivity, the case may be worse and the society may have to suffer at a later stage. Not restricting to these situations of the grave problems of insensitivity and humanity and its impact on the forth coming generation and society in the forthcoming days, the same management added to increase in poverty and unemployment which is an additional problem likely to enhance the insecurity of the society. Here we need to think what we are giving the society? How we are moulding or nourishing our society and what we are transmitting? Whether education or culture, it is all about preserving, advancing and transmitting but unfortunately what the society has transmitted in this pandemic era is more of insensitivity which demands a lot thinking about the forthcoming society and its existence. With sensitivity is associated the human and his humanity and philosophy terms society and individual as complementary. In any case, if human lags this sensitivity the humanity is at risk and so is the society. I hope the humanity in all the human awakens and thus wish to say Jaago Bharat Jaago, jaago before its too late.

Avdhesh Jha

Saturday 5 September 2020

National Education Policy: A Review


NEP: A Review

When the future of the country is nourished and nurtured in the four walls of classrooms, how can one develop if the future of the country is supposed to sit for five to six hours in the over-crowded classes of the schools with rigid structure? This rigid structure includes the fixed timetable; stress on course completion; lack of novel teaching techniques, approaches and methods; stress on convergent thinking depriving the child of divergent thinking; lack of motivation and discussion which kills creativity and innovation etc. In fact these are the reasons that turns the classes suffocating and uninteresting for the students, the impact of which is observed in the society. Here, it doesn’t mean that the teacher is a culprit. In fact whereby it is difficult for parents to handle one or two children at home it’s really horrible to think of getting worthy and tangible output of the teachers teaching a class of 50 to 80 students within 40-45 minutes. Education has always been at the core for any society, state and country because education reflects its development. As is the education, so will be the development of the society in any aspect whether science, technology, social, mental, moral, emotional, ethical, spiritual or economic development. Even in 21st century, when there is knowledge explosion, our education chiefly depends upon textbooks. The same textbooks that should serve the potential subjects have turned their master. It’s not the problem of the lifeless textbooks which bears the potential to add to the life of the prospects but the problem of the system that failed to understand the utility and the limitations of the text books. Whatever it is, the fact is that the textbooks are the mirror of the development of that society. Look at any textbook and you can gauze the development of that society. Thus education turns an invincible weapon. Infact it is a key to unlock any door. To add to the education and the nation, the government came up with the National Education Policy (NEP). As usual, the marketing of NEP was astonishing and the government successfully came up with a new address, in a new dress which is claimed to satisfy the aspirations of the society.

No education can work on its own as a single entity. The students, teachers, curriculum and evaluation are considered to be the pillars of the society and thus each of them needs to be addressed in the NEP. Although the NEP is new with respect to the terms used in the past Education policy but unfortunately, it hardly includes anything new of which the potential prospects are applying today. If we want to satisfy the objectives of education, it is necessary to address the potential prospects of education and their needs but it appears that neither teachers nor the students and their needs are addressed. Education, in fact should not be restricted to these pillars rather should be extended to the society because it is this society that needs these young minds to transform itself and add to its development and thus any NEP should be based on the actual needs of the society. The output of the education is most important and couldn’t be undermined.

Let us start with the vision statement. At a glance, whereas the vision of the NEP claims of contribution to an equitable and vibrant knowledge society by high quality education, the same NEP markets itself by declaring Board exams will be made ‘easier’ as well indicates to offer certificates at any level of education. It’s worth mentioning that quality education comes through rigorous efforts and whereby the country is suffering of unemployment of highly educated people what are these certificates going to add and how will it add to high quality education. Education cannot be effective unless, its vision stands to develop the thinking skill. Whereas the numbers of suicides are increasing, the crime rate is increasing, indiscipline is rupturing, values are vanishing, differences, unemployment and poverty is increasing and the autocracy is spearheading, the vision of NEP hardly visualizes the tangible output. Unemployment is the major problem of the country and the fact is that the education hardly adds to the practical experience required by the market. The vision of education fails to visualize its ability to enable its prospect earn their bread and butter.

The NEP publicizes itself with bold letters as new pedagogical and curricular structure of school education (5+3+3+4): 3 years in Anganwadi/pre-school and 12 years in school. With this it seems that now it is compulsory for the parents to admit their child in a pre-school at the age of three. Hereby these bold letters snatched away the liberty of the hard working and enthusiastic parents who used to teach their child with the play way techniques and admit their child directly in class 1. Whereas the NEP should talk of inculcating values and discipline till 10 years of age, it insists on admitting a child at the age of three. Although, it boasts of liberal education but it imposes the rigid structure. Not restricting to the child, the NEP is likely to create a chaos amongst the people with the idea of 12th grade as a part of college.

With reference to the liberal education, where the mindset of the society (parents of students and even teachers) is inclined towards medical and engineering, it remains to see if students will accept or it adds to the problems of the parents and their ward. It is boasted that anyone can learn anything but with the limited infrastructure, instructional facility and lack of human resources; its worth could hardly be proven. In the densely populated cities, where the schools don’t even have a parking place, it’s beyond imagination to think of a playground. Again, the attraction of NEP comes with celebration of bagless days but the poor infrastructure without playgrounds, library and laboratories turns it a daydream.

The NEP hardly talks anything about the most of the Municipality/government schools where it remains to check, if those students and their career are at risk? The NEP has added new terms to add to itself but it hardly talks of ways and measures to add value to the schools having less than 30% results in board else than suggesting about association of schools. Although the idea sounds good but looking to the human instinct it seems baseless to think of any institute to help other institutions especially with the same infrastructure, instructional facility and human resources. Whereas with the craze for medical and engineering, even the good and reputed schools run short of students and the spurring craze for highly charged classes keeps them flooded with students, the NEP missed to talk about the ways to add to the presence of the students in the schools and colleges.

In last ten years, multidisciplinary education has spurred and the NEP establishes it in black and white by suggesting that multidisciplinary education is to be promoted. Whereas it seems to be pretty attractive, it remains to think of the job prospects, the absorption of the candidate etc. especially when most of the job advertisements are rigid with the requirement of specialization. Noteworthy that most of the institutions don’t even count the teaching experience earned in different faculty. Apart of these many issues related to the need of the society remains untouched in NEP.

It won’t be an exaggeration to assert that the marketing of NEP was wonderful but at a glance the six years efforts seem to be the same skeleton with a minor plastic surgery or an old lady in a new dress with a veil on her face. With the restructuring of the stages of education, it is as if the old wine in new bottle. Merely changing the name and presenting it with pomp and show can hardly add to the quality especially when the human resource and its governance and leadership are same. With the addition of hypes of liberal education, it seems to be special but looking to the existing system and the mindset of the society, it is just uncertain to say, if it will work. Unfortunately, the NEP framed after 36 years with the efforts of the indigenous people for 6 years hardly catered to the human resources. It’s unfortunate that like the system, NEP too promotes the rigid structure as well infrastructure and instructional facility but hardly cares for the human resources which are the heart of education. And the fact is that no education can progress by undermining the importance of human resources. The NEP could have added to its worth with practical experience to the students through compulsory internship in the area or faculty of their graduation or post-graduation. This could have increased the chances of an individual for appropriate selection of job as well would have benefitted the employer to select appropriate candidate. Unfortunately the NEP hardly presents any of these important aspects of education and the fact remains that unless the needs of teachers, students and society are addressed no educational policy would serve the country. Education can be successful only if it adds to the novel thinking and application of learned theories. It’s pity that merit base selection of the system turned the society as a mark oriented society that strives more towards knowledge than for application of that knowledge which affects the creativity and innovation adversely.

 Avdhesh Jha

Sunday 31 May 2020


Avdhesh Jha
With the advent of the pandemic, the whole world started running for the solution in the absence of which were taken the precautionary measures to keep away the virus and its impact. Gujarat the forerunner also devised many steps one of which was seeking the help of the school teachers to prevent the impact of the pandemic on the society. Till now these government school teachers have served the society and still they have been serving it. As soon as it was ordered, there was a hue and cry and a very light voice came ahead but as usual, the system was strong enough to curb this voice with a threat and thus started the role of the teachers in this pandemic.
Right from the declaration of the lockdown, these government school teachers were assigned their first task which asked them to conduct a Survey with the strict implementation of Social Distancing. This survey insisted the teachers to go door to door, check and take a note of the family members or any of them who suffered from cold, cough and/or fever and report it to their authorities. Amidst the fear of corona, each teacher started this job, although forcibly but ofcourse most of them initiated it whole heartedly. Noteworthy that these teachers had no equipment and no medicine with them as well hardly any idea about how to protect themselves. This was the first major step taken by the system although with the fact that these teachers hardly had any professional medical knowledge and so had to rely only upon the information of the family members which required confirmation and re-confirmation form the neighbours also.  
Since the lockdown continued there were many people who didn’t had the food. For days and weeks, the survey continued and along with it came the additional task of recording the details of the people facilitated by the government through the Fair Price Shops. Noteworthy that the teachers went door to door, collected the details of the people without the Ration Card and then sat on the fair price shop to help them get their right, along with collecting their details as such their name, address, mobile number, adhaar number etc. a report of which was prepared and sent to the authorities and hence the government. Later on, the same was done for the BPL and other card holders with and without ration card. Again, here too these teachers had hardly anything special for them, else than their will and the mask, to protect themselves from being infected. Worth mentioning that while the fair price shop owner had the luxury to close the shop from 1.00 to 4.00, these teachers remained at the shop awaiting the shop to start in the evening. 
Needless to say, along with this, the teachers were involved in paper checking, ofcourse, at their own risk and they did the needful whether willingly or unwillingly. Because the teacher is also a human, he cannot remain without being infected with the surrounding and its stress and so were these teachers which questions their mental health in this period of time which further questions the validity of the evaluation and assessment. Nevertheless, the assessment was conducted and the results were prepared, some of which are declared and others are awaited. For the primary schools, the assignments or question papers were sent and it was the duty of the teachers to assure that it reached the students which again motivated the teachers to reach each door to give those papers to the students.
Apart of this, these teachers were again asked to find out the people as per the norms to whom the government was to give 1000 INR. The teachers had to come up with the account number of such people which was not an easy job but ultimately, it was done.
As of now when such questions are not much in light and the quarantine issues are arising, the teacher is again there working and taking care of the people and disallowing the quarantine people to go to the other places.
Apart of these, the teachers have been successful to conduct online classes, webinars etc. to keep education away from the impact of the pandemic. Like the teachers, there were many other office bearers from the collector office including the collector, the key office bearers from revenue department, agriculture department, industries department and labour department who worked on these issues, risking their life. Not restricting to the government teachers and these office bearers, there were the farmers, cattle rearers, snackers, pharmacist who enabled the milkman, kirana store keepers, chemists and vegetable vendors to serve the society. Not a least exaggeration, each one did it at the cost of their life and thus turned to be a cause to protect the society from worse chaos. Worthy to mention the policemen and the resident doctors for their role in this cause. It’s unfortunate that the society lost many such warriors along with many who suffered with corona. Whereas they deserved the most respect, its pity that even their bodies did hardly get any appropriate timely treatment whether during the suffering or after they bid their last good bye.
Amidst all the odds, it was the role of these warriors who reached the unreached - the people residing in very close contacts in the dense unhygienic conditions who were suffering from poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and were more prone to corona. Apart of the doctor, policemen and health workers, any of these corona warriors were hardly acknowledged. Whether acknowledged or not, it makes least difference because the society pays the tribute directly but again the fact remains that as the doctors and police were repeatedly acknowledged and motivated, these corona warriors who were the ground level workers were hardly even considered worth mentioning. Hereby, through this article, it’s a try to pay the tribute and boost the morale of all such workers without whose help, the situation might have been just worst. Whereas under all safety and convenient conditions, the leaders remained preparing and giving the guidelines, these warriors staked their convenience and safety which added to the lessening of the current chaos. Whether known or unknown, identified or unidentified, named or unnamed; thanks to all these forgotten, unnamed and selfless warriors for being the backbone of the society in this tough time.


Avdhesh Jha
The little corona with its silent declaration of war against humanity terrorized humanity. With lockdown and the advisories from the government, it created deep impact on the society. Especially in the education field, it brought about dramatic changes. The advisories and the notices sent by the different governing bodies, councils and the boards of education stressing on conducting researches and related activities brought about changes at all levels of education whether primary, secondary or tertiary.
With all the imposed advisories from the authorities, the institutional heads without taking a least time to think, acted by forwarding it to their colleagues and the channel continued until it came to an end. It was only then, many who never prepared a paper, prepared the research papers within the four walls. With the existence of autocracy in most of the universities, institutes and colleges especially in the private sector, the institutional heads started exploring the other alternatives and ZOOM became the popular. Whereas in higher education some of the teachers used ZOOM as a platform to conduct online classes and some enthusiastic used it as a platform for webinars, it was merely abused by most of the institutional and organizational heads for the day long meetings continuing for the weeks and a month with their subordinates without any substance. It was pity that when the country and the fellowmen were suffering, these heads continued on discussing post COVID 19 opportunities for the monetary benefits.
Zoom, not only restricted to higher education reached the schools and tuition classes. As if these were less, some schools initiated online classes for the primary and pre-primary school students and it was tragic and funny that the mother with the child in her lap and mobile in her hand remains helping her child to get educated by the so called apt, dedicated and devoted schools. This was the height of the abuse of the technology. Was it so necessary for a small child to be on screen and that too the screen which cannot be controlled? Such schools were more disastrous than the corona to infect the parents and thus infect the children permanently. Indeed, education is necessary but home is the first school and mother is the first teacher. Apart of the formal lessons, the most important lessons of etiquettes, sharing and caring could have been taught by the parents rather than giving them the online lessons which may be a disaster for the kids cannot discriminate between the good and bad shared by the internet and even the internet fails to differentiate the age and maturity of the users.
Simultaneously, the education boards started the assessment of the papers and the teachers were forced to come to assess the papers. Ofcourse, it was necessary. But when the terror of corona was rising, the facilities were few, social distancing was a problem and above all the mindset was not favourable, at this point of time, the evaluation or the assessment of the exam papers were questionable and doubtful because the worth of any work done out of compulsion and imposition is doubtful and these papers to be evaluated were the one to decide the future of the potential students, state and the country which cannot be taken casually. Nevertheless, with the fear of each individual being infected, at this time, it was difficult to assure that the terrorized mind which hardly allowed to accept the call of satisfying the necessities other than the basic necessities would allow the body and mind to be ready enough to assess the papers normally and neutrally. In the situation, when the opening of the schools and colleges were uncertain; risking many lives, the papers were assessed to declare the results timely but output remains questionable and doubtful. The declaration of results on time doesn’t mean development, for the real development lies in the character formation of students.
Again, education is must and the use of technology as online teaching maybe temporarily fine but it is the fact that no technology can replace the classroom teaching because classroom deals with emotions, feelings and pacification of the called and uncalled, said and unsaid doubts of students which can be pacified only in presence. The webinars maybe welcome but it missed the opportunity to develop intimacy and have the company of the acknowledged persons face to face and the online classes missed the emotions. Although the economic rise of any institute was must but the unending and tiring humiliating vague meetings to ponder on the idea of COVID 19 as an opportunity was unworthy and more an imprisonment. Such an action of the authorities depicted their missing national character, education and humanity. Teachers add fragrance to the student’s life by nourishing and nurturing them. Thus, teachers need to be strong to protest against the wrongs whether against themselves, to the students, society or the country for they are the backbone of the society and if backbone is weak the progress of the society is certainly impossible. Education needs to be strengthened with more values for society, humanity and developing national character among each individual because life is to add life to the life and ultimately life is for life.


Avdhesh Jha
In this era of science and technology, media is the backbone of the society. Media is a source of guide and information. And thus, it has the responsibility to validate the news before sharing. Because of the popular social sites keeping the people busy to share the information, today most of the people have turned a media man but hardly have any sense of duty and responsibility. The competition amongst the newsmongers to be the first one to share the news and picture created a chaos as the messages were mis-represented and mis-interpreted. These newsmongers created a chaos by sharing the news without any facts and validation which created misfodemic. Misfodemic here means misinformation epidemic. The reporting and repetition of the same news created a terror and trauma amongst the people who kept updating themselves with the virus and its impact on the society. These were the one to consider everyone suffering from corona and looked upon them with hatred. A little irresponsible behaviour by the newsmongers of the social sites and some media created several problems to the innocent people from the community. Not restricting the misfodemic to the community, it created competition among the rulers and ministers to use the social sites and news channels to post themselves as the first one to take steps. It was pity politicians took this tragic event as opportunity of popularity. Social sites were the one to add to the misfodemic which further added to the mis-interpretations and forced people to take the steps which were strongly prohibited. The pandemic thus presented a huge virus infecting the people at large with distrust and thus promoting the uncurable misfodemic at the cost of trust merely for small and temporal gains against humanity.
Pros and cons of pandemic: The pandemic questioned the medical and psychosomane (psychological, social and humane) readiness of the countries to face such a situation. It threatened and challenged the developed countries boasting about GDP with the best infrastructure, instructional facilities, human resources, industrial development and technology that were hardly able to cope up with this pandemic. It prompted the countries to assess their health and medical facilities and its related infrastructure. With COVID 19 were posited several restrictions as a precautionary step. Whereas some self-locked themselves, others were forced by the system to lock down and follow the lock out. Indeed, this imposition was a terror for the people. Several were panicked with lock down whereas some behaved wise. Unfortunately, people took a long time to understand why system forced the closure of schools and colleges for students. Although this step was not well understood by the managers but it created new opportunities for many which initiated the application of technology to education. With several threats as such ability to bear the stress of lock down and its control; the stress of the meetings about the economic betterment of the organisation; the unending debate about the effectiveness of the online or virtual classes; expectation of the authorities from the teachers to prepare the case study, research papers and innovative lessons etc.; poor mental health of teachers, employees and people with different SES; miscommunication; stress of fake news on popular social sites; politicisation of the news, creating differences and polarisation of society; the trauma of the daily wage workers and its possible causes and outcome; the mindset of the people towards other fellow beings; stress of being human to anyone coughing and sneezing; the stress of ability of being human at the idea of risking life; the stress of the idea of our development with respect to our own health etc. posited a lot to the society and its balance turning it more unbalanced. Such an unbalance urges for rethinking about the luxury, leisure, high GDP, technological development and best infrastructure as indicators of development. It further seeks clarification if even the developed countries have the capability to safeguard its human health and societal health to this pandemic.
For most of the employee - the backbone of the organisation; the debate about the organisational heads caring for their organisational economic well-being vs. those caring their employees’ health arose. The terror of reporting twice by the employees even in teaching field along with the proof of work done was a horrifying state. The debate about fake news, the social sites abuse, politicisation of news, self-publicity at the cost of corona terror, cheap and mean politics, declining humanity were very common but just remained unanswered. Such situation asks the society to assess if humanity prevails as well if economy is the only need for human development? It also questions the physical, social, mental, emotional, aesthetical or spiritual health of the societal members and asks to check the same when we are self-locked. With increasing terror and trauma of the situation even though humanity without fear of economic consequences was emphasized, its pity that the societal institutions were busy following their protocols selfishly, some of which affected and impacted the name and fame of country badly. Whereas the situation was an alarming bell about poor medical infrastructure and facilities and lack of preparedness of the countries towards this situation this pandemic proved that technology (although not preferred by most) can also be an option to education.
Most of the countries have their own history of freedom. Yet we have failed to understand the importance of freedom and so still we are not free. We are the slaves of prevailing inequality, differences of color, race, religion, gender, power, capitalism, technological development etc. Each minute some powerful is killing the humanity and so we are still not free. The tiny corona challenging the mankind has proven its might now and all the mankind is suffering. The race of proving the worth with materialistic development initiated by some ignorant is now the race of the world because of insecurity amongst the others.
Any country is the land of people of passionate love, and faith. Today technological advancement is not a major issue for any country rather expansion and its reach to all, is important. Rather than Bullet Train Project the humanitarian projects are important. Rather than the investment in high speed train the countries need the investment for loving and caring heart and brain. The issues for upliftment of declining humanity, life and its safety are important. The small corona posited a lot threat and shackled the world and all its aspect. It questioned the developing countries and the mankind about its so-called development and challenged the readiness of the world for any such sudden event and cause. Infact it has awakened the world. It rests up to us, how we take it. The attraction and run for creation of tallest statues as wonders of world are just becoming a tourist sight and will remain meaningless with pictures in the mobile phones. The need is valuing the value. The nations can just boast of its development on the basis of its economy and GDP but for the fact this doesn’t indicate the real development. The development lies not in giving the concept of Global village but lies in turning this concept practical and real. It should not remain a concept to study but be converted to real situation to feel and enjoy. All we need to do is to manufacture humanity, to produce and consume humanity, develop equality. To reach Mars is not tough but to add and prevail humanity and be prepared for any such situation is real development.
The furious and grave COVID-19 pandemic may look to be a serious matter as of now but along with it has entered more furious, more grave and most dangerous virus of misinformation which spreads without any control across the globe within no time and impacts the world negatively misleading each one with the differences that creates distrust towards each other and turns each of them more selfish, lonely and inhuman. Like the corona epidemic termed as pandemic; the fastest spread of misinformation, maybe termed as the misfodemic turned most dreary and scary. Unaware of the facts and its cure, the people kept loitering with the false information being surrounded with its spread and reach troubling themselves with nothing, for nothing. The power of social sites, science and technology was much required here to let truth prevail and the fake or the false to perish. Whether physical, social, mental, aesthetical, economical or spiritual health of the human, this misfodemic with its ease of reach and access to all human, endangered each type of human health and harmed it badly creating distrust all around and thus infected the society. Thrilled falsehoods full of wild conspiracy towards a caste, community, society, state, nation and other countries are the waves that fill in the air to damage the mind and thought process of all those inhaling it whether knowingly or unknowingly. Media and people say it’s the videos that getting viral but for the fact it’s the spurring abundant envy, jealousy and hatred spreading and getting viral and infecting the people mentally with such a strong impact as to infect several generations. This is the time science should be awakened strongly, technology supported social sites should spur with dissemination of facts infecting the human with lessons of love and humanity, and most importantly the developer of the viruses of the differences be punished without any mercy whether a human or a politician!
The pandemic impacted the human mind severely. Although the related decisions were late but there is no denial that the decisions were taken in good faith. But the decisions proved to be vague and fatal for lacs of people causing huge irreparable loss of lives and contamination of human mind. For sure, this pandemic will end soon but the consequences might be very harsh and tough. Even after the end of this pandemic, for a long time, it would be difficult for the parents to send their ward to school. There are chances that many of them will change their idea of lavishness and will restrict their needs. It may lead to abhorring the brands, less outing, less show off which may affect the economy badly. Socialism may also be affected and impacted and people may choose to limit themselves only to a few by restricting the size of family, relatives and friends. Although human has the benefit of boon of forgetfulness but till the individuals forget it will take not less than a year to turn the things normal and socialism is such which once affected is likely to create the walls permanently. Precautions were must but precautionary measures should have been strong enough to prevent the attack on the livelihood of the hard-working people because they are the equal member of society and their progress or regress equally affects the society. The related strong messages of imposed control, measures and prevention must have been delivered softly and smoothly with caution, assurance and fulfillment of basic needs. Necessary care and precaution turns must to prevent infecting the innocent. Sooner or later, the vaccine for this virus will exist and maybe one or two doses of this vaccine will develop the stamina to resist the disease but the virus of distrust created by the misfodemic cannot be healed, cured or vaccinated by any medicine. The only way is preserving the trust, developing the trust and transmitting the trust for one and all irrespective of the political, economic, individual selfish gains whether for power or position of an individual or the country. This trust should exist within and between the individual, communities, states and countries. It’s only this trust that can add to humanity and turn world a true global village. With a hope that trust prevails and humanity hails, I am sure each home will be quarantined with COVID 19 but I hope and wait for the world where each home and mind are quarantined with the fastest spreading misfodemic that creates differences amongst the human and endangers the existence of humanity on this beautiful paradise.
Whether the tiny corona or the fear of lack of preparedness of the developed countries, their arrogance, casual undermining of the situation and their selfish motto created the trauma remains to be checked. With a hope of best for the mankind, appreciating and paying tribute to all those who have supported this fight against corona directly or indirectly, I am sure this article will enlighten us with the real idea of development which starts with the health whether physical, social, mental, emotional, aesthetical or spiritual and ends with humanity.


Avdhesh Jha
The repercussion of COVID 19 brought complete closure to the industry, business and trade and thus impacted the economy negatively. There was no individual and no country that was left without the impact of this virus on economy. The economy with respect to GDP maybe addressed and compensated sooner or later but the impact of the suffering of the people and the country and its impact on happiness of the people and the country could hardly be economised and compensated at any point of time. With complete lock down and the opening of only a few essential services, the current scenario let human have the opportunity of survival with restrictions under which were posited strong controls threatening the people to turn from luxury to basic needs. Those who could control their habits restricted their needs and proved themselves powerful but others had to pay a lot for their habits. These payers boosted the market for their needs and most of the suppliers satisfying those needs earned huge profits.
Impact on Health: Not only the pandemic but the threat of the pandemic and the mis-information epidemic (misfodemic) cursed the human health badly. Not restricting to physical health, it impacted the mental, social, emotional, economical and spiritual health of human. The misfodemic was not restricted to the individual but reached the societal health and cursed the social and economic health of the countries within and amongst their partner countries. To help the people follow the lock down, most of the countries tried all that could attract the people to keep at home and thus follow lock down. This gave the opportunity to promote culture and spiritualism with the popular TV shows telecasting it again. Indeed, it added to culture and spiritualism but it’s unfortunate the goodness remains for a short while whereas the misfodemic was working all the time affecting the societal health and damaging the human health for which there could hardly be any vaccines. It’s pathetic, with this most common and most dangerous misfodemic, having the capacity to harm the generations with its infection, there is no hospitalisation; for the wound is unseen but the unseen wound has its deep and stained marks on body, mind and soul. Because the symptoms of this infection are not described medically there is no hospitalisation, no seriousness and so no chance for any vaccine.
Impact on Human: The most terrible impact of the pandemic was seen on human. With the lockdown was posited several controls and the same aroused several questions. The curiosity didn’t allow the human to keep away from the media and news whereas the livelihood didn’t allow many to rest at ease. It was only this situation that asked the human to think of life and livelihood. The fear of the control forced the people for hoardings and the shops turned empty within hours. The slave of the need, requirements and the necessities; the human; took all that what was required and even those that was not required. Capitalism proved to be a motivating factor and people bought all that what money could buy. The quick and unexpected decision by the government and its vicarious presentation by media and misinterpretation by people created a chaos. Most of the media failed to question about relevance and validity of data rather served the purpose of system and its requirements. Neglecting their duty towards the society for about fifty days they imprisoned the people with repetition of same poor sight creating more and more terror. Capitalism spurred and livelihood requirement hailed for those who had money. But the poorest sight was for the people having poor economic condition especially the daily wages workers. They also loved life but left with nothing, neither the livelihood nor the home, and betrayed by the false promises of the government these poor people chose to move back out of fear of starving to death. It was this decision that created lakhs of people taking risk and ultimately moving on feet to their home town or joining the shelter homes. It proved that more than corona was the fear of their existence in the lockdown.
With the concept of social distancing and the multi-faceted rumours about corona added with the infections of the differences; the distrusted people with the fear of their endangered life removed all the household workers which staked the life of these household workers yearning for their livelihood. The infections of the presentation and mis-presentation; the interpretation and mis-interpretation turned viral and created a chaos and humanity came to a standstill with no one for anyone. It impacted the human to avoid face to face socialism, sharing, caring and added to people suspecting others as corona positive, treating others as untouchable and looking every other with prejudiced eye. It enabled many to invest time, exploring other opportunities. Especially in education, it spurred with online classes. It further added to family togetherness, thinking about real need positing the question as such how much we need, what is truth, how useful are the materialistic pleasures etc. For India, the pandemic added to spreading religionism, spiritualism; cherishing the time with what you like. The concept of work from home in most cases was abusive because young children expect parents to help them accompany but parents were busy reporting their offices creating a negative impact amongst the children. Nonetheless, the pandemic added to the family togetherness without oneness and unhomeliness although being at home. Most of the corporates and privates kept their employees busy with unending meetings without any output. Those who had work from home were troubled with reporting and generating business whereas others were busy to think and strive about how to spend time mostly with TV news, social sites, calling a friend on phone, or with giving their presence to netflix and prime video etc. Although the situation was fatal, whereas removing the workers without caring for them was a problem for the workers, it also turned a problem for each family and also a boon because it was only this time when each household had to work on his own which in turn added to their physical health and to ponder of their attitude towards their worker.
Impact on Humanity: Not restricted to the economic losses suffered of not getting salary in lock down, with the wild messages spread by the newsmongers, people abhorred taking vegetables from the vegetable vendors not only creating huge losses to them but also prompting them suffer huge losses and thus starve to death. The people out of their fear and helplessness took huge risks and some lost even their dearer members which would remain a lifetime tragedy and pain for them. It’s sad on the part of the society too that missed its duty and pledge towards humanity. Whereas the posited lock down with the imposed control was an opportunity to assess the patience, perseverance, creativity, duty, responsibility and commitment of an individual towards their family, state and nation; the pandemic also posited thinking about real need, how much we need, what is truth and how useful are the materialistic pleasures. Because of misfodemic and thus the lack of patience many people suffered and many had to pay with their lives. Most people, most countries lost hope and went in despair. Indeed, it was the loss of humanity, humanity suffered because of the inhumane humane. The decisive decisions motivated by the lust for power and greed of richness slayed the humanity and human as well slaughtered both human and humanity.
Conclusion: In this tough time, the same employees who helped the organisations earn huge profits, merely in this short lock down, most of these employees suffered salary cut although the government said there should be no cut which questions the idea of sustainability of those institutions and the boasting of development. The strong lock down imposed the fear of death not only because of corona but of its misinterpretation, mis-presentation and hunger. Corona was less a fear and more was the terror of lack of livelihood and threat of hunger. With this fear, many people who started their journey of safety remained unnoticed by the government. Many lost their lives while walking towards their home and its pity, they suffered who work as the engine of the nation. The pandemic presented different facets of human with collectivism, hoarding, black marketing, profiteering, politics and popularity at the cost of lives etc. but there were some who served the society neutrally without the desire of popularity with their picture and name cited by media. Whereas the virus presented the threat, it was sad that even this situation was looked upon as a business proposition and salary deduction which presented the poor picture of inhumane by the human. It presented the degradation and devaluation of values and humanity but simultaneously, it presented the generosity of many people which added to human and humanity.


Avdhesh Jha
Health as we are aware is the state of being free from abnormal situation whether physical or mental. The state of being ill, weak, tired, anxiety, stress, fatigue, anger, hatred, revenge, extreme love or attraction, betrayal, fear, challenge is not considered to be healthy. Anyone who is suffering whether physically, mentally, socially, economically, aesthetically, emotionally, ethically, morally or spiritually is not healthy. Health being the fundamental unit of well-being remains the base and the basis for all animal. Being healthy is a boon but unfortunately in the era of development based on money or capitalism, its questionable, if any human is really healthy? The Quadro of wish, time, money and energy is very special here. In youth or early adulthood when we have wishes, time and energy, we don’t have money; in middle adulthood, when we have wishes, money and energy, we don’t have time; in late adulthood when we have energy, time and money, we are too busy to ensure if we have wishes and in old age when we have time, wishes and money, we die struggling for energy. Wishes are all time but they are hardly cared for. It is said that health is wealth and if it is true, can we say that human is really wealthy? Health although being the basic aspect of human life, it is the only one which remains the most neglected. With the fact that economical health exists in every aspect of human society and human health; with respect to the human and the human society, human health can be categorised in hierarchy as physical health, emotional health, mental health, social health, moral health and spiritual health. 
The world terrorised with pandemic having the power and strength to attack the human body, mind and soul remains under critical phase of health and hygiene. In 21st century, when the human ambition and strife leads the human mind far of galaxies and planets; directly or indirectly, this micro-organism challenged the world in such a way that the whole world is shocked and shattered. More than the virus, the fast spreading news about the possibility of getting infected and its consequences attacked the human existence and its harmony but human is no less to raise itself in any situation. China, the first infected country, with its readiness to control the virus strongly adhered to complete isolation and thus recommended isolation to the world. The lessons from China depicts that with due care and strong adherence of control on movement by each individual, this virus can exist no more. China did it and still adheres to it with utmost care and severity and on the same lines, to avoid any similar painful event. To avoid similar situation, well in advance India posited controls with lock down. With lots of happenings and mis-happenings the lock down was not very successful because of the baseless, clueless and thoughtless decisions that turned the lockdown more a chaos. But again, every event has two sides and so has this event. This painful and panicking event is not at all good but this terror and trauma of the human mind and world has also added to the human, society and world.
Whether the cognitive, psychomotor or the affective domain of human, COVID 19 has impacted each domain and all types of human health. Whereby it threated the human existence, it helped the human to ponder on his requirements and achievements. The little virus with its spurious and speedy reach to the world affected the human as an individual physically, mentally, morally, ethically, emotionally, socially, economically and spiritually whereas it affected the world with respect to development, economy, socialism, ethics and spiritualism but simultaneously it added to the spirit of the human and the world and thus led to the rethinking for its development and the real requirements.
With the observations of data depicting 2-5% mortality rate, COVID 19 is not the only dangerous one, yet, as of now the world treats it as the most dangerous. Although, not with extreme contagious capacity, the media as a tool of technological development with its reach and accessibility to each home and individuals across the globe turned the possible effect of this pandemic as the reason of the terror in each human mind. Whereas the ignorance, fake ego, reputation and the lack of control of human mind is also responsible for the reach of this virus to every part of the world even the human bitterness lead with arrogance, hatred, discrimination and difference within the society is responsible for the spread of this virus. The COVID 19 proved to be the mightiest not because of its transmission speed, rapid multiplication, its contagious ability and fastest spread but because of the technological development, lack of control of mind, ignorance among the people, inadequate medical infrastructure,  lack of readiness and preparedness for the pandemic, other priorities of the system and its authorities, casual outlook towards the situation, the inefficiency of the system to setback the virus, as well the hype and exaggeration of pandemic created by the western countries that turned this situation as the battle and even worse. It is this hype and exaggeration that turned it as a grave battle which turned as a war against humanity. In a way, the lack of preparedness of the system added to the spread and transmission of the little corona turning it mighty and gigantic.
It was this time that drew the attention towards human health. It was observed that most of the people suffered from physical health and others suffered from emotional and mental health. The pandemic with its negative energy and power created lot of differences and enforced human to keep away of human. When the sympathy and empathy was required, the human driven by the force of their safety, security and ignorance about its cure turned weird and selfish. Whereby the infected and the sufferers might have been looked upon with mercy at most places they were treated as the species endangering the humanity or as if the virus itself. The lack of medical facilities, ignorance of doctors and panicked leadership rendered the human helpless and turned system insensible and cruel towards many. This turned to be the time of politics for many merciless inhuman newsmongers who abused the technology and added to the uproared fake news which spurred with all its might because of the individuals spreading it by sharing it to many without its authentication.
Whereas a little of common sense, care, courage, caution, control, discipline, patience, hope, selfless action, trust and humane was required in most cases it was turned to need gratification carelessness, restlessness, recklessness, uncontrol, indiscipline, impatience, despair, selfishness, distrust, and being inhumane. The mad-self started with the fight for life but soon because of the poverty and the unsatisfied needs for existence turned it to be a fight of livelihood for the satisfaction of their basic needs. This need oriented people suffering of the terror of poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, lack of understanding of value of life and lack of basic needs had only choice to join the fight for the satisfaction of their basic needs. Its pity the number of such fighters was huge enough to turn this fight as a war and thus willingly they opted, joined and supported this everlasting, all time existing fierce war without any weapon and if at all it was only their spirit to survive.
In this fight with the virus, each one started with the idea of security with positivity towards life. Those with ability to survive because of economic support ended up with control and precaution. Its tragic that others because of lack of economic support ended up with helplessness and some of them even lost life. At this time there were a few who behaved normally and ended up with humane. It was unfortunate that the crisis started with selection of life but many had to think for livelihood and many lost their lives. In any situation, the collection in the form of donation has turned very common supported generously by people at large but simultaneously people should also think for the people around them who with their hard work have been striving for live. It is not the disease but the fear of the consequence of the disease that posits as a threat. Knowingly unknowingly sometimes the society enters in to such panicking situations because of malign intentions of the malafides. It’s only the patience, precaution, care and humanity that will help the society to overcome that threat and turn it as an opportunity to turn life easy and thus help humanity to prevail. 

Friday 24 April 2020


Rajesh Sharma & Avdhesh Jha

Dheeraj (name changed) was working as a daily wages labour in Delhi, who chose to kill himself after getting some food for his wife and two young kids aged 4 and 6 years. His family had nothing to eat for last two days. He could not find ways to feed his family and answer to the call for food for his children and wife. Ultimately took up such drastic step.  In another incident a man was seen collecting spilled milk on the road in a small bowl with his palms. The other 4-5 dogs were seen sipping the same milk at a distance of 4-5 feet. In Madhya Pradesh a man died after reaching his home. He had walked 1600 km to reach his home during lock down period.
These were some cases got media’s attention, but there must be numerous unheard heart breaking such stories or more tragic than this. Year 19 -20 is the hardest year to face the World health crisis and economic crisis. The economic crisis is directly related to well being of every citizen. Economic crisis can lead to increase in crime rate, social and psychological issues.
I think we are all sensible enough to understand what thinking of a human mind can lead to in such time of crisis faced by poor people. The economy can be recovered but the lives lost cannot be recalled. 2332036 people infected, 1,60, 767 people died and 5,99,961 people recovered from this deadly virus in the world at the time of writing about the issue. In India, 16789 people infected, 150 died and 975 people recovered from COVID 19. India observed lock down in different stage and form i.e. one day ‘Janta Curfew’, then 21 days lock down which was extended for another 14 days.
The authors intend to discover the answer of some fundamental questions
What kind of thinking goes into the mind of people during such circumstances which make them to behave accordingly?
The observations mentioned here are based on ‘interviews and conversation’ with nearly 600 people across the country. It also takes the media reports into account for drawing some conclusion pertaining to the issue. These observations and conclusions are specifically drawn from the people affected during ‘lock down period’ due to COVID 19 in India.
In such times people of two categories are found, thinking in the same pattern, one is average standard of living and the poor standard of living. People of Average living are those who earn more than 25,000/-per month. People of poor living standard are those who earn less than 25,000/- per month and are not on regular salary income group.
1.     Survival Vs Life style
Domestic migrant workers have been estimated to be about 4.2 million. These workers range from full-time to part-time workers, temporary or permanent workers. They are typically employed for remuneration in cash or kind, in any household through any agency or directly, to do the household work, but do not include any member of the family of an employer. Some of these works exclusively for a single employer, while others work for more than one employer. Some are live-in workers, while some are seasonal. The employment of these migrant workers is typically at the will of the employer and the worker, and compensation varies. As per the Census 2001, the Indian workforce is over 400 million strong, which constitutes 39.1 % of the total population of the country. These people have least to save in their hands. The entire family is of 6-7 members. In most of the cases they share their living with other occupants as well. The average living space they occupy is 10*10 room. During lockdown these people had least to eat. They were struggling with the issue of survival.
On the other hand there existed the other section of society, which ideally followed the guidelines issued by the govt from time to time. They stayed at home peacefully, for they had everything to manage or they could manage their lives along with the family. People of such class were following the guidelines on how they can spend day, stay positive, do yoga, help the family in cooking, engage yourself in household chores, watch special television programs and movies on their electronic gadgets. Stay connected with the family and friends through phone. Such people did not have the question of survival. They had the bank balance.
Just a rumor in Mumbai on the second address of PM, that trains may be available to these migrant workers. A huge crowd of nearly 1500 people had gathered at Bandra Railway station during lock down period. This evidence is enough to understand the issue of survival and severe challenges that these migrant workers faced.
2.     Desperation Vs Peace
COVID 19 displayed the image of desperation on one side and peace on the other side. This desperation was certainly for getting food, money for their survival, medicine and desperation to be with their own family members. The intensity of desperation was so high that people were ready to walk more than thousand miles with young children. The cause of the desperation is nothing but their poor economic condition. The desperation appeared on the government side also. The government was desperate to control the entry and spread of this deadly virus amongst Indians. It was desperate to make necessary arrangements to treat, test and make people aware about Corona Virus. Entire media was busy talking about it, solving people’s quarries and washing away their myths. Advisory was constantly supplied by all means in all possible languages. Eminent personalities and religious leaders were brought forward to make people understand the consequences and cooperate with the government. ‘Please help us to help you’ slogan was widely followed. This desperation was so high that it appeared as chaos at some point of time. The government and other social groups worked hard to put things together.
The other social group was merely spectator. They preferred to watch and follow the government’s move and directions to keep corona virus in control.
3.     Trust Vs Compulsion
Out of both ‘underprivileged’ and ‘privileged’ people in India, had different set of thinking regarding their response to the instructions or guidelines received by the government. Privileged people expressed their confidence in the wisdom and efforts of the government. These set of people were aware of the dos and don’ts, and preferred to confine them.
The other set of people expressed no trust in the thinking and action of the government. These people were so pressed with their daily and basic needs that any restrictions were compulsion for them. They were compelled to walk down to the place where the food was served and bring some for rest of the family members. They had to go out in search of other basic necessities. This compelling condition was the cause of severe stresses and aggressiveness. 40% rise in cases of domestic violence has been reported during this lock down period.  
4.     Preparedness Vs Crisis
Covid 19, gives many lessons to be learnt. One of them is ‘preparedness’. How well we are prepared to handle pandemic of this nature or otherwise? In the initial phase of this pandemic, almost everyone in India believed that it is going to cause a disaster to us if the virus got success in stretching its arms in this country? In terms of infrastructure and man power we were far behind than other developed nation. One vantil
In this piece we focus on availability of government hospital beds for major states in India. Using data from National Health Profile–2019, we observed that there are 7,13,986 total government hospital beds available in India. This amounts to 0.55 beds per 1000 population. The elderly population (aged 60 and above) is especially vulnerable, given more complications which are reported for patients in this age group. The availability of beds for elderly population in India is 5.18 beds per 1000 population.
The availability of government beds is abysmally low in India, and an epidemic like corona virus can very quickly complicate the problem even further. An estimated 5-10% of total patients will require critical care in form of ventilator support. In a worst-case scenario, according to one estimate at least, we may end up with 2.2 million cases in India by May 15, which implies that we will need 110,000 to 220,000 ventilators. We have no official figures on the number of ventilators available in the public sector, however, we arrive at an estimated figure using the number of hospital beds available — 7,13,986 total government beds, out of which 5-8% are ICU beds (35,699 to 57,119 ICU beds). Assuming that 50% of these ICU beds have ventilators, we arrive at an estimate of 17,850 to 25,556 ventilators in the country. Even in the best-case scenario where all ICU beds are equipped with ventilators, we have a maximum of 57k ventilators to cater to a growing number of COVID-19 patients. Clearly, the growing demand for ventilators is going to outstrip the limited supply really soon. More we go deep into an analysis; the situation would appear scarier. So helplessness to deal with the situation create more anxiety, fear and desperation.
5.     Awareness Vs Ignorance
‘Ignorance is bliss’ is completely wrong with reference to COVID 19 pandemic. Privileged people in this country are exposed to numerous means for getting updated information. But underprivileged people are not equipped with such means. Eventually, they get to know through unreliable sources and develop several myths about the pandemic. Many are still ignorant about COVID 19. Even before newspaper vendors stopped lifting newspapers for distribution, several gated communities and apartments had asked them to stop supply for at least a month with the whatsapp abuzz with unverified messages stating that corona virus spreads through newspapers as it changes several hands till reaching the reader. 
On the other hand, privileged community is well aware, how the virus behaves on different surfaces, in different temperature, how it gets spread and so on. They also know dos and don’ts to prevent themselves from being infected. But, the most of the cases are in urban area than rural area. There appears a positive correlation between the density of population and no. of positively infected cases. It seems there is much more than being aware or being ignorant about it.
6.     Generosity Vs Greed
In the fight against COVID 19, people had got together, irrespective of their religion, caste and creed. The universities and multiversity’s of the popular social sites with the scaremongers were working simultaneously to misinform, mislead and disrupt social and religious harmony. People came out in full spirit and generosity to supply basic requirement like food and shelter to many people. Corporate houses donated in PM COVID CARE generously, even people of different department donated from their salary. Religious centers opened their premises to quarantine people and keep them safely.
There was other set of people who wanted to exploit this time for their benefit. Police had recovered huge amount of food grains stored illegally and was to be sold at higher prices, an industry was sealed because they were manufacturing duplicate and useless sanitizer and selling, and the prices of basic commodities had gone unusually high. But the proportion of such people is insignificant in comparison to the people with generosity and humanities. 
7.     Technology Vs Personal Engagement  
As many other issues, COVID 19 could influence individual’s mind to become more technology savvy. During lockdown, people had to work from home. Technology played a significant role in that. People who were reluctant on the dependence on technology for work, had began to appreciate its usefulness. The logic of human touch had been kept aside. Teachers used it accessibly in preparing lessons, recording, delivering and interacting with students. With the limitations of technology, whether the teachers and students enjoyed it or not they found an option. Some who were struggling also felt enthused after learning to operate. Eventually, the learning could not be stopped and things rolled in other sector of works as well. Though some experienced some technical issues as well in the beginning but later could handle.
It is true that technically and for the record sake things had been done, but teachers and other technology users felt incompleteness without personal or one to one interaction. But for the time being, people did not mind rather appreciated. But for the regular basis, it will not show good results. All these incidents requires education to take necessary steps and train the minds to deal as per the situation. The lessons of ethical practices, generosity and trust towards eachother is the important lesson to be human and towards humanity. The control, restrictions and selfless actions are the steps towards building and developing the national characters which is likely to help the country and turn it a nation.